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At the age of 60, I decided to do something my friends thought was insane: take the Arizona bar exam.
It had been over 35 years since I graduated law school, and I would be competing against law students who just completed three years of intense study. While they would be polishing their knowledge prior to the exam, I’d be starting from zero, learning everything fresh again. 
Time was short. The next bar exam was in February, just 4 1/2 months away. The competition was tough. The pass rate is typically 60%-75%. In other words, 25%-40% of freshly-minted, super-prepared law students flunk the exam.
From day one I realized I’d have to find a way to learn faster and remember better. So I developed a 5-step study process that I hoped would accelerate my learning. I figured I had nothing to lose.
Well, it not only worked, it worked spectacularly. To the astonishment of everyone, I received the #1 score. 
I hope this system helps you as much as it did me.
–Greg Hague
CEO, Hague Partners & 72Sold.com
new way to study
learning studying system